A Note on a Windshield

I was walking my two dogs this afternoon when I caught a glance of a note on the windshield of a parked car. The note was written on yellow-lined notepad paper, the kind I used to scribble call notes on when I worked in sales. It was folded so that the writing was visible, so I saw that it was handwritten in blue ink. I deduced that it was written with a ballpoint pen because it didn’t have the inkiness of a fountain pen. I didn’t get close enough to read it, but I prefer it that way. Reading a note meant for someone else is a grievous validation in my book. Best not to know, I had my ideas anyway.

My immediate thought was that the note writer must have struck the parked car, and they had left their insurance and contact information. What a responsible person, I thought. There are still good people in the world!

But then I thought, why does it have to be a car accident? Why would I automatically assume it’s something negative like that. What if it’s a declaration of love! Some shy person that’s been meaning to say something but hasn’t had the chance.Some lovey dovey thing like that.

But then I was like, but what if it’s not something sweet like that at all. What if it’s someone who has a stalker and this note is their first attempt at contact. Or a super jealous boyfriend who is SUPER controlling and keeping tabs on her at work.

It could have also just been a sorry-I-missed you note, like somebody dropping in.

OR, what if it’s some mother who lost her child and has decided to go off looking for her, but she leaves the note in case the kid comes back to the car so that they wait there.

OR, what if it was some young woman getting kidnapped and all she could manage to do was leave behind that note before she was dragged off to some dark cellar somewhere. I COULD HAVE SAVED HER LIFE!

I’ll never know what’s in the note, I hope it was something good.




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