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Spotted: Mexican Pulp Art by Maria Christina Tavera. This book immediately got my attention with that cover! Giant bee women? UFOs? SCREAMING TREES??? Yes, please! The collection consists of Mexican pulp fiction covers from the 60s and 70s. The introduction below gives an overview of the genre and its artists:

These covers are beautiful and terrifying!

2017-08-01 14.58.32 2017-08-01 14.59.13 2017-08-01 15.00.32 2017-08-01 15.01.43 2017-08-01 15.02.08 2017-08-01 15.02.31

Clearly, there’s some colorism at play here. Even though these were produced for a Mexican market, all these people (particularly the femme fatales) are light-skinned and blonde. But that’s a whole ‘nother blog post, let’s just enjoy the pretty pictures for now.



2 thoughts on “Mexican Pulp Art | Bookspotting

    1. Totally! Latino culture in general is so focused on whiteness. All the telenovelas I grew up watching had light-skinned, blonde, super thin actresses and is not representative at all. Indigenous and darker Latinas/Latinos were always portrayed as less than, or not shown at all. we need to do better.


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