Rod Serling’s Social Commentary in ‘The Twilight Zone’

Rod Serling chose to make his social commentary by masking it within a safer context like science fiction. The Twilight Zone then becomes more than just tales of aliens, ghosts, time travel, talking dolls, and world annihilation, but tales of the standardization, conformity, communist fear, and anxiety of the atom bomb that were present in the '50s.


Masaji Ishikawa’s Incredible Escape From North Korea

Tragic. Heartbreaking. Powerful. Riveting. Brutal. These are some of the words that readers have used to describe Masaji Ishikawa's memoir A River in Darkness: One Man's Escape From North Korea. First published in Japan in 2000, the book spans Ishikawa's entire life, from his birth in Japan in 1947 to his escape from North Korea … Continue reading Masaji Ishikawa’s Incredible Escape From North Korea