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The Creative Pep Talk Podcast | #MotivationMonday

Cultivating a personal project is challenging when you have a full-time job. Oftentimes your creative energy gets spent during the day and by the time you get home you’re exhausted. Not to mention familial obligations and any number of other personal items that demand your attention. How do you motivate yourself to make the time to indulge your creativity and art?

I keep myself motivated by reading, watching, and listening to material that gets me visualizing the ultimate expression of my work. One of the podcasts that’s always in my listening queue is the Creative Pep Talk Podcast, hosted by illustrator and speaker, Andy J. Pizza. Andy’s an amazing host whose voice is full of positive energy, excitement, and curiosity. Even though the podcast is very illustrator and design-centric, there are several episodes that contain solid advice for writers too. Episodes themed around broader topics like unlocking your creative voice, making money as a creative, or motivation can easily be applied to writing and publishing. One of my favorite episodes this year has been, “How to Get Super Motivated for 2017,” in which Andy talks about the importance of visualizing a future so compelling that it pulls you out of bed. Another great one is “9 Ways to Make 2018 Your Best Year Yet” which is all about nurturing your creativity in order for it to flourish. I’ve embedded a couple of episodes below, check them out!

The Creative Pep Talk Book was also recently released and it looks super cool:

Every artist needs a little pep talk now and then. An inspiring tool and beautiful art book in one, Creative Pep Talk offers illustrated words of wisdom from 50 of today’s leading creative professionals. With full-color, typographic prints and explanatory statements from a host of creative luminaries—including Aaron James Draplin, Oliver Jeffers, Lisa Congdon, Mike Perry, and many others—this volume encourages artists to stay excited, experiment boldly, and conquer fear. “Create curiosity,” “Learn to say no,” and “If you can’t be good, be different” are just a few of the motivational maxims in this visually rich collection that’s perfect for students, designers, artists, and creatives at any stage in their careers. Buy the book.



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Maria Nieto on the Notes From A Native Daughter Podcast | Motivation Monday

Notes From A Native Daughter is a podcast focused on conversations around arts, culture, and society, from the Pan-American experience. Hosted by media and communications professional and producer, Soldanela Rivera, NFAND features a variety of guests from the art and entertainment world. I was particularly inspired by a recent episode featuring writer and producer Maria Nieto:

Maria taught herself how to write in formulas, that’s the Hollywood way, and she takes to it. She’s working on a couple of horror and Sci-Fi scripts. Maria has a whole lot of profound and sensible things to say about being, writing, surviving, the politics of the day, and she’s a good listener. How we got to talking about loss and mourning I’m not sure, but we did, and I thank her for it. The dead live. What a paradox. Indeed, that this should be the week the U.S. Gov in all its mightymight announced axing the arts from federal funding. They may or may not succeed, but one thing is for sure, art will never die. Art lives. #MariaNieto #Latina #Writer #LatinoStories #Woman #ArtLives

What I appreciated most about the interview with Nieto was the discussion around Latino/a representation in the media, and how she’s made her voice heard. I also really liked that she talked about her experience as a first-generation Latina in NY, and how her experiences differ from the immigration narrative that we see so often in Hollywood. This really resonated with me because I’m a first-generation Latina myself (born and raised in Los Angeles) and although immigration is a part of my family history, I don’t necessarily feel compelled to tell that story or have it be the only theme I cover in my writing. It’s liberating to hear another Latina say that they’d rather write a kick-ass sci-fi thriller than another sad border story. Although those stories are important to tell as well, we don’t all necessarily have to be compelled to be a part of that canon. The full interview is below, enjoy!

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John Leguizamo on the Latino Rebels Podcast | Motivation Monday

Looking for some motivation and inspiration on this lovely Monday morning? Look no further, fam! The folks over at Latino Rebels had prolific actor and Latino advocate, John Leguizamo on their podcast. Leguizamo came on to talk about his new show at NYC’s Public Theater, LATIN HISTORY FOR MORONS, and to address larger issues plaguing the Latino community. He discusses the exclusionary history that prompted him to create something that celebrates the Latinos that have changed history. He even touches upon his disappointment in his fellow Latinos in Hollywood for remaining silent on issues that are so important to us. The second half of the podcast is about SXSW, but I recommend sticking around for the excellent interview with Cory Booker.

The theater group is offering a discount for Latino Rebels fans. If you’re in the NY area and want to check out Latin History For Morons, make sure to use the discount!


The Nerdist Writers Panel | #FF

HAPPY FRIDAY! If you’re anything like me, then you probably plan on doing some writing this weekend. If you’re in the market for some inspiration, I highly recommend checking out the Nerdist Writer’s Panel podcast, moderated by Ben Blacker. Guests are generally TV & Film writers, but they’ll have on the occasional novelist as well. The format is casual, and Ben asks some great probing questions about their process and advice for thriving in the business. It’s a great listen if you’re in the mood for some motivation and funny anecdotes from some the biggest writers in town.

The episode below is one of my recent favorites featuring John Green, author of some of the most popular YA novels like The Fault in Our Stars, and Paper Towns. He talks a little bit about how he got his writing career started (writing book reviews for a small publisher) and how he’s evolved throughout his career. If you’ve never heard John Green speak, this will be a real treat for you: he’s super intelligent, well-spoken, and geeky, which makes him relatable and fun to listen to. Check it out, and make sure to follow these guys for more writing insights!