Limericks: Too Gross|Bookspotting

My brain must be in the gutter because I enjoyed these. This one’s for the pervs out there.

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The Diverse Books Tag

Everyone can do this tag, even people who don’t own or haven’t read any books that fit the descriptions below. So there’s no excuse! The purpose of the tag is to promote the kinds of books that may not get a lot of attention in the book blogging community.

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A to Z Book Tag Survey

[For today’s Throwback Thursday, I’m taking it back with a repost from my main website.] This is pretty cool. Spotted a post on Scribbles in the Margin about the A-to-Z Book Tag, originated by The Perpetual Page-Turner. I haven’t participated in a book tag before, but the concept seems straightforward; it’s like the blog community’s version of a […]

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