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Yoga Teacher Training: First Impressions


I’ve been practicing yoga with regularity for the past two years, but I hadn’t considered teacher training because I never thought of myself as a teacher (of any kind). I also didn’t think that I would be physically capable. There are several poses I still can’t get into, whether it’s a lack of strength or a mental barrier. The whole proposition intimidated me, and yet I decided to do it anyway. I’m in Week 3, training at theΒ Yoga Bliss studio, which is filled with amazing yogis that follow all the limbs of yoga, not just the physical ones. I’m thankful I found them, and that I’m sharing a class with excellent humans who are just as eager to learn and grow.

So far, I’ve been surprised by how quickly it’s had a positive effect on my yoga practice. The incredible thing about mindfulness is it can start working immediately, all that’s needed is practice! I feel reinvigorated and have already had a couple of epiphanies.

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